Keeneland Collaborates With Kentucky Tracks On Medication Reform

In an unprecedented show of unity, Keeneland teamed with Kentucky’s other Thoroughbred tracks – Churchill Downs, Turfway Park, Ellis Park and Kentucky Downs – to advocate for medication reforms that were adopted by the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission in 2020.

Among the reforms currently in place:

  • A ban on the use of furosemide, commonly known as Lasix, on race day for 2-year-olds and for horses entered in stakes races.
  • Extension of the pre-race window for administration of corticosteroids for intra-articular injections. The standard at Kentucky tracks is 14 days pre-race.
  • Extension of the pre-race window to 48 hours for administration of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).
  • Prohibition on stacking pre-race NSAIDs: If more than one NSAID is given, the first must be at least 48 hours before the race and the second can be administered no less than four days pre-race.
  • Restriction on the use of bisphosphonates in horses younger than 4 years old. Bisphosphonates may be used in horses 4 and older to treat navicular syndrome, but the drug may only be administered by a veterinarian and the horse must remain on the Vet’s List for at least six months.
  • Race-day therapies are restricted to nebulizers. Spas, cryotherapies and magnet wave treatments are prohibited.