Library Frequently Asked Questions

Library Frequently Asked Questions

Can I check out the books?

The Keeneland Library is a non-circulating collection.  The Library Staff can help you find libraries which do circulate their equine industry materials.

Do you offer tours?

The Library Staff are always delighted to provide tours.  Call or email the Library to make arrangements in advance.  Each tour is customized to the group.  We are also available to give orientation tours of the Research Room to first-time Library users.

How do I schedule a research appointment with the Library Staff?

Call the Library Director, Becky Ryder, at 859-280-4761 or contact her by email ( to set up a research consultation.

Can I photocopy or scan materials in the Library?

The Library offers photocopy services for research-related purposes. We restrict the photocopying of personal documents.  You may use cameras to make reference copy images for your research purposes only and not for subsequent distribution.

Can I print duplex copies?

The public photocopier offers duplex copying.  It also permits copying to letter, legal and ledger-sized paper.

Can I connect to a free wireless network in the Library?

Keeneland Library offers access a public wireless network.  The Library Staff can provide assistance in accessing the network.

Can I access historical information about people, horses and places?

We provide research services to locate information and/or photos about people, horses andplaces in the equine industry. We check our indexes, journals, books, photos, and historical archives to locate sources.  The more specific your question, the more likely we can find relevant results.  Be ready to supply names, dates, alternate locations, and any other information that may prove useful.

How can I make a monetary donation/gift to the Library?

Make your check or money order payable to the Keeneland Library Foundation, and mail it to Keeneland Library, 4201 Versailles Rd., Lexington, KY 40510.

How do I donate gifts to the Library?

Contact the Library Director, Becky Ryder, to discuss in-kind donations of books, journals, photographs, art and/or artifacts.  All gifts are documented by a Deed of Gift signed by the donor and the Library representative. The Library does not provide appraisals.

Can I bring my own scanner or camera to the Library?

Please consult the Library Staff before your visit to discuss your scanning needs.  The permission to use personal scanning or photographic equipment depends on the purpose of the reproduction, the copyright parameters, and the condition of the collection.  It is permissible to used cell phone cameras to make images for reference purposes only and not for subsequent distribution.

Is parking available during the race meet?

Free parking is available year-round at the Keeneland Library. Handicap parking spaces are available too.

How do I recommend a book for the Library to acquire?

Please feel free to make a suggestion to any of the Library Staff.  You may also email us at

Can I access historic newspapers in the Keeneland Library?

Yes, we hold the largest collection of Daily Racing Form in hard copy from 1896 to the present. Additionally some of the Form is online at

We maintain a subscription to which can be used onsite. A Librarian will log you into the resource.

Does the Library have statistical information about owners, trainers, jockeys, and horses?

Yes, the Library has the American Racing Manual from 1904 to the present. In addition we have the Daily Racing Form Monthly Charts which provides race results.  The free online resource Equibase provides information about recent ownership, race results, and pedigree.  The Library maintains a subscription to Equineline’s American Produce Records which can be used onsite after a Librarian logs you into the resource.  

Is there an index to the Lexington Herald-Leader?

The Lexington Public Library created an index to the Lexington Herald and the Lexington Leader.  The index provides the full headline, first sentence, and a citation for the articles. The articles can be found on the newspaper microfilm at the Lexington Public Library and the University of Kentucky’s Young Library.  

Can you recommend a conservator?

We recommend that you use the American Institute for Conservation’s “Find A Conservator” website. Conservators work with a variety of media such as books, paper, textiles, photographs, artifacts and more. 

How can I get copies of photos for my personal use? For publication or exhibition?

If the Library possesses rights to a photograph, it can arrange for digital images and/or prints to be made from its collections.  Fees for photographic prints and/or digital images vary.  Contact Library Staff for an estimate.

What software programs are installed in the public computers?

The three public computers offer several internet browsers and MS Office applications to support equine industry research.

How do I contact the Library Staff?

Contact the Library by using the contact the library form.